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"No. 1 quality"  When 1970 Osaka World Expo was held in 1970, it was the deciding factor that resulted in deals with the English pavilion that triggered the birth of CAR COOL.

In 1966, Kiyoshi Kawanishi, a founder of this company, started manufacturing and selling car care products as a private business. Four years after the founding, he received a phone call from the UK pavilion exhibiting at the Osaka Expo. They were searching for products to use for machines they exhibited. After collecting and testing products on the market, the quality of his products was the best, therefore it was an offer to buy his products. Besides that, the person in charge was kind enough to keep cartons of products next to their exhibits.

The advertising effect was outstanding, and inquiries and orders that could not be dealt with within a day were flooded from all over Japan. He had expanded the business accordingly, and after three months from the delivery of products, he accomplished the incorporation of the business and CAR COOL was born as the representative brand.

Since its birth, CAR COOL has supported the development of Japanese motorization as a brand specialized for professional car maintenance. CAR COOL products has been preferred and used not only by maintenance shops and gas stations that support our daily life but also by representative companies of Japan. Moreover, just like in Japan, CAR COOL has come to be used  overseas.

"Because it can not be seen, we will not slack off."
This attitude is essential to support professional work. CAR COOL keeps on growing, without forgetting to "work earnestly" which can be said to be a factor of its birth.
By developing new products that satisfy the needs, we will diligently challenge to help our customers more than ever.

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